Question Phanteks Revolt Pro Series PSUs Thoughts

Jul 14, 2019
Hey everyone, I was just wondering what are your thoughts on the Phanteks Revolt Pro PSUs, specifically the 850W version, since I am looking into buying it.

I know it is a reliable PSU and Phanteks is a great and reliable brand, but mostly what I am worried or better said interested in is the noise levels. I wanted to buy the Corsair RM850X 2018. edition PSU which is a great unit and very quiet from a lot of reviews on a lot of forums I've read, but I can't find any in-depth review of the Revolt Pro series.

A cool feature the Revolt Pro Series have are the Hybrid Mode, which allows the PSU fan to stop spinning when the PSU is under 40% load for a quieter system. But I want to know how loud it is when compared to the RM850X 2018. edition, which is pretty silent.

Thoughts and experiences please share down below. Cheers.