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[SOLVED] Phantom Keypresses


May 20, 2018
Hey everyone,

Really hoping you can provide some insight into the weirdest intermittent issue I've been having.

Starting a few days ago, after my computer has been on for an hour or so, it will start typing characters by itself. First instinct was that I spilled something in my keyboard/stuck keys but once I've unplugged the keyboard the issue keeps happening.

Oddly, it only seems to use characters that I would use when playing a shooter game like the WSAD, C, R keys basically. It just keeps spamming them into whatever text box is selected until I shut the computer down.

I've tried removing the keyboard devices from device manager and reinstalled the logitech keyboard software but it still happens. I tested the keyboard on another computer and the issue does not occur.

Checked that there are any suspicious start-up items, there was one there simply called "Program" that I disabled immediately and it gave me no ability to find the file/program location.

Is there a program I can use to detect which process is using keypresses?

Any help would be massively appreciated because I'm about to format my drives and I don't want to spend all week reconfiguring my PC.

Thank you!!