Phenom 550 BE unlocking


Sep 8, 2009
Guys, I've tried various ways with little success so far. With hybrid mode of course. Auto, per core and all cores. Cool n quiet disabled. Had the most success on all cores getting as far as windows momentarily and with no voltage added, but I get 2 or 3 windows error message boxes popping up as it gets to my desktop, and then it reboots before I get a chance to open cpu-z to see what it says. I also get a short buzzing noise when or just before it gets to windows, like its coming from the motherboard perhaps. Also, it sometimes shows a messed up screen of colours momentarily just after saving settings in bios. I've tried undervolting it from 1.34v to 1.3v and I had to reset cmos with jumper pin because I couldn't get to bios. I've tried increasing the cpu volt from 1.34 to 1.4v. Should I do something with any of the NB voltages, if so which ones? NB cpu vid, NB voltage, or even SB voltage? This is my screen after I changed the cpu voltage to 1.4. I'm on stock cooler till aftermarket arrives and so I need to watch temps carefully with any voltage increases. Cheers.

ever think its possible you have an unlucky one that can't be unlocked to a stable condition

the only other thing i could suggest is under clocking it down to 1.6 GHz (200x8) and keeping the voltage manually set on 1.325, then if you get into windows, slowly bring the clock up as far as it will go without making unstable (do this by incrementing the multiplier by the smallest amount)

and you shouldn't have to touch any other voltage