Phenom 720 Max oc


Nov 12, 2006
I was playing far cry 2 last week and my q6600 and mobo gave up :cry: (continus restart loop and endless beeps, think it was power surge ad a few light bulbs went too lol) so i went and got myself a new phenom II 720 BE and a nice gigabyte 790x motherbored and reused my DDR2 ram, iv been worndering how a highish end all AMD rig would run and im amazed straight out of the box with a £20 cooler i hit 3.8Ghz (1.5v) O/C) with 27'C idel and 40-41'C load and the rig is so much quieter than the q6600 and im getting little fps difference.

My q is can the 720 OC passed 3.8Ghz and what is the max safe voltage ?? iv seen 1.55v but that doesnt keep stabe at 3.9Ghz