Phenom and Ati Card


Jul 24, 2008
i know i know people have probably asked this a million times and it is probably in the FAQ but here i go anyway.

basically i have a phenom 9850 BE and a 3870 1024MB GDDR3 graphics card.

but whenever i try to OC either of them my comp either doesnt boot up at all(CPU overclock) or my screen goes black (GPU overclock)

i have 700W poer supply but cooler master and i have 5 case fans (not stock) and a zalman NT nvidia cpu fan which is one of the best zalman have to offer.

the GPU cooler is stock fan one.

my memory is the second best model in DDR2 its OCZ 2 X 2GB heatpipe edition memory (8GB worth).

ive only tried to OC using catylyst and AMD overdrive. and niether of them work.

can anyone help me??



Sep 12, 2008
I personally have the same cpu and motherboard. Let me just say this, the 9850 BE does not like to be over clocked beyond 2.85GHz on a SB600 chip while air cooled. However if you have the newer version of the motherboard with a 790FX and SB750 (ASUS M3A79-T Deluxe) then you might be able to clock it to about 3.2GHz provided that you have good air cooling.