Phenom II x3 710 Overclock settings?

Ok so I'll start with my specs:

CPU= Phenom II x3 710
MoBo= M3A32-MVP WiFi edition 790FX Bios 1705(Latest)
Memory= Crucial Ballistix DDR-2 800 MHZ(4-4-4-12@2.0v)
750w Thermaltake Toughpower
CPU cooler Zalman 9700nt
GPU=2 x 3870(Crossfire)

Just tring to get my max stable overclock. I have already achieved 3.45ghz stable, but I want to get to 3.6/3.7ghz. With these chips the multiplier is locked so I have to OC through the FSB. Problem is that the higher I raise the FSB, the higher my RAM goes. At 3.45ghz the ram ends up at 1060mhz with 5-5-5-15 timings and 2.0v, which is fine, but if I go higher with my FSB the ram becomes unstable. Now if I drop the ram back to below 800mhz it starts to become stable. What I would like to do is get 3.6/3.7 with the ram still around 1060mhz.

Here are most of my current settings for the 3.45ghz clock speed

FSB= 266
CPU-NB= 1.375
V-core= 1.475
HT link= 2385(CPUz)
NB Freq=2385(CPUz)
Ram= 1060 5-5-5-15 2.0v (2T mode enabled)
CPU-VDDA= 2.6v
Cool n' Quiet= disabled

Basically I want some new things to try that I may not have done allready. I looked at the article that Tom's did on OCing this particular CPU, but it seems that their settings would not work at all for me on this Motherboard.(They were using DDR-3 also, not DDR-2)

I am using a Zalman 9700 NT CPU cooler, so heat is not an issue. I idle around 26 degrees celcius, and under load it goes to 44...
Don't expect to get anything higher than 3.5Ghz, that is a 900Mhz increase in speed increase with a non-BE CPU.... If you wanted 3.6-3.7Ghz you should have spent the extra 20 dollars on a 720. Another thing is that you have 1.475v core @ 3.45Ghz... that is way too high for that clock. Lower your volts to 1.4v, if the CPU does not need the extra voltage don't give it more juice....


Jun 14, 2009
With a stock cooler 3.45 is as high as you are going to go. I was able to bench 3.6 on my 710 at that voltage, but couldn't get anything higher than 3.45ghz @ 1.425v to run prime without serious heat concerns. I run 3.25ghz daily @ 1.375v, 8h prime stable. I have a batch 904 chip, which has been noted for its unlockability and OC capabiliities.

I did those 3.6 benches with my ram OCed past 1066 (also DDR2) as I couldn't get it stable at the 800mhz settings, no matter what I did. I also was interested in the lower timings, but loosening them up didn't help, so I figure I have hit my system ceiling.

I am using a Zalman 9700 NT CPU cooler, so heat is not an issue. I idle around 26 degrees celcius, and under load it goes to 44 degrees max. My chip is also a 904 batch. It can be unlocked, but my board does not support it.

@ Ovrclkr: I am in Canada, so when the 710/720 came out the 720 was 189.99, and the 710 was only 139.99. I saved 50.00, and decided to get a new CPU(Quad/6-core) later on down the road.

I guess I should be happy with the OC that I have, since I "HAD" to put 1.47 v-core to stay stable. I am going to try going back to the Bios before the one I'm on now. With this one I could never go above 3.45ghz, but with the bios before it I could get 3.65ghz by lowering my ram to 740mhz. I kinda wanted to keep the memory frequency around the 1000mhz mark, but I guess that's out of the question.
Yea, those chips were expensive when they came out...If you got 3.6Ghz stable with your 710 then I guess you are one of the lucky ones.. Most wont get more than 3.4/3.5Ghz.. But I still say 1.47v is high for anything under 3.8/3.9/4Ghz, maybe some need more volts depending on mobo.. Normally the average for 3.6Ghz is 1.38/1.39v, not sure why your CPU needs that much juice to operate at 3.6Ghz...