Phenom II x3 720 or Athlon II x4 630


Sep 17, 2009
i building a new budget rig but i'm can't choose which CPU. It's gonna be a AMD because it's just cheaper!
I can't choose between the the phenom II 720 or the recent released athlon II 630.
the 720 has 6 mb L3 cache and is better in OC, and i will!!
But when it's come to multi threaded apps I think the 630 will perform better

i'm going my use my pc mostly for surfing on the internet and some gaming. I also converts lots of vids to avo for my PMP
so that mainly where my ps is for

and the prices of the two and almost equal so that shouldn't be the problem
so if you can give your opinion about it, that would be great


the mobo:
Gigabyte GA-MA770T-UD3P
Video card:
ati hd4650



Jan 18, 2009
The 720 BE destroys the athlon in everything, more l3 cache and the three active cores will give you all the multi tasking you need plus it has better over clocking potential and it is better for gaming it will do just fine for the video conerting because it still is a very solid mutli tasker and 6 mb l3 cache also help the athlon is a good budget solution but personally i would go for the 720 BE but thats me


athlon 630 of corse,

thats a rev of the 620, clocked 200mhz less, and still pwnage


Mar 17, 2009

WTF? That review doesn't even cover overclocking benchmarks. I use the Phenom II x3 720BE, one for my gf's computer for gaming, and one at my client's office for work (development/testing). Overclocked to 3.4GHz, I'd recommend it over the Athlon II x4 620.

AMD's releasing all these "new" CPU's because they had a TLB bug in the past that they couldn't fix in the B2 stepping. To make money, they're just disabling the L3 cache (which is how people had to get around the bug in the past, by disabling the L3 cache in the BIOS). Voila!


Feb 25, 2010
I have the Phenom x3 720 BE and I love it, but my friend also just bought the Athlon II x4 630.
I want to say mine is better than his, but to be honest I can't lie the Athlon II 630 holds its own; even with no L3 cache. At the moment the L3 cahce hasnt really changed performance yet, though this could change. Just something to throw out there, but i find it interesting that the best Intel processors have like up and above 9mb of L3 and the best AMD had lik 6mb...
In the reviews I have read it seems like the 720 is better for a gamer and you will get a few more fps than the 630 (but im talking lik under ten).
For video encoding and other processing jobs the 630 seems to have a little advantage with its extra core.
So just evaluate what your want more out of a processor- game fps' (Phenom II 720) or program processing (Athlon II 630).


Jul 8, 2009
well guys im in the same situation. building a pc for a buddy thats a dj, so lots of multitasking and both cpus are about the same price
AMD's releasing all these "new" CPU's because they had a TLB bug in the past that they couldn't fix in the B2 stepping. To make money, they're just disabling the L3 cache (which is how people had to get around the bug in the past, by disabling the L3 cache in the BIOS). Voila!

This is not correct. The TLB problem was only an issue with the B2 Agena Phenoms in late 2007, early 2008. It has never been a problem with the Deneb core.

The real reason for the Propus core was the lower production cost of the die. Without the L3 cache, the die is 169mm. 258mm with it. The L3 only gives about a 10% performance increase, so the trade off is worth it for a budget chip. Also, AMD can deactivate the L3 on Denebs with defective cache and sell them as Propus cores. Chips that would otherwise be toss in the garbage.
I'm a bit biased since I use a 720 with the 4th core unlocked and running 24\7 @ 3.2Ghz. so I'd say get the 720 !! - though one thing to keep in mind is the OEM versions that are about the only ones you can find now DO not have any Warranty from AMD - they leave the warranty to the OEM supplier !! (so you get the CPU cheaper but lose the 3 year warranty and instead only get a short 60 day return policy from the likes of Newegg - so keep that in mind )

The warranty goes out the door anyway if you are gonna unlock and OC it.

I would say get the 720 although not a huge difference with the L3 cache it is added performance also the chances of unlocking it is nice and BE editions are a must if you are gonna overclock.



Nothing special, my Athlon II 620 clocks all the way upto 3.5GHz, HT link of 2700 MHz and NB 2700MHz with only 1.45v 24/7hr and prime stable.




Same here... my unlocked core is OC'd at 3.6GHz but not on 24/7. I only do occasional gaming but at max setting in my 1920x1080 TV. But I wonder whether an X3 720 can still be found...
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Nothing special, my Athlon II 620 clocks all the way upto 3.5GHz, HT link of 2700 MHz and NB 2700MHz with only 1.45v 24/7hr and prime stable.

Was just saying that is what it is running at not that it was the best OC it could run at !! - with my 5770 GPU running it at 3.2GHz. is the best match for the overall performance in games so that is where it is set to run and I also run it undervolted to 1.312V at that speed in order to keep the heat down (as summers here get pretty warm so the lower you keep the temps the better!) since it is perfectly stable at that voltage and speed.



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My Athlon II X4 620 runs at default voltages for 3.2GHz 24-7 prime stable, I only need 1.45v for anything higher though. BTW Your CPU score is very similar to mine.