Phenom II X4 955, Windows 7, Overclocking, and QNC


Oct 14, 2009
In my past experience using QNC under XP if I overclocked a processor (lets say just multiplier) and had QNC enabled, throttling would work fine and be stable but the LOAD state would be the original multiplier not the overclocked multiplier set in the BIOS.

I'm thinking of buying the 955 BE so I can OC it to hopefully around 4GHz but I also want CNQ enabled. Will enabling it just defeat the OC effort again ? I'm asking because if it does set the load state to the original speed then I would just go for the cheaper 945 processor as the speed difference would be marginal.



Oct 17, 2009
That's what I've experienced with my PII X2 550 running CnQ.

I run my HTT ref clock at 215MHz with default multipliers. For idle, it clocks at 860MHz (215×4). At full, it hits 3.33GHz (215×15.5).

When I bump the multiplier up to 17× (3.66GHz) via the BIOS, it remains fixed at that multiplier. CnQ is completely disabled.

If I boot into Windows normally then set the multiplier using AMD Overdrive, the new multiplier will remain in use until the processor returns to the idle multiplier. When the processor goes back to full throttle again, it only goes back to the default peak multiplier.

The only way I've found to get around it is to boot into Windows, switch your power properties from "minimally managed" to "always on", use the AMD Overdrive tool to set your new multiplier, then boot into your game. When you're done, switch your power properties back to "minimally managed".