Phenom2 555 BE C3 stepping into Windows at 6325MHz Biostar TA785GE 128


Aug 13, 2009
Yoko bought that board for her new HTPC ,its one of the cheapest solution in the market ,but its not only about money ,she got TA785GE 128m because we like and trust Biostar,but before building the new HTPC we need to torture a little the pocket board :D
Well, we had only been playing around with the motherboard for approximately few hours.

Already the processor was stable at 6.1GHz under LN2 and we was trying to boot into Windows at 6.3 GHz.
After a few voltage tweaks and HTT speed adjustments, we managed to get into Windows and fire up CPU-Z at 6325 MHz speed (230MHz X 27.5 multiplier).

watch the tube (this video is still being processed. Video quality may improve once processing is complete. )

direct link

the cores can be unlocked by that cheapo and amazing board and we can fly high of course ;)

well,we think that board will fit very well our new HTPC :up: