News Philips Preps for PS5 and Xbox Series X with 144Hz Ultrawide Monitor


Apr 24, 2020
It's outrageous to target next gen console owners with a monitor that doesn't support HDMI 2.1. The monitor industry is keeping hush about hdmi 2.1 as it exposes their current high end models as obsolete, proprietary and overpriced as they try to flog off inventories to uninformed consumers while they can

The best high end 'monitor' for next gen is to wait if at all possible, or buy an LG tv if you can't. Unfortunately the wait will be a long one as the monitor industry does not talk about HDMI 2.1 at all.
But are the new consoles even going to support ultrawide?
That was my first thought as well. Even if the consoles end up "supporting" ultrawide aspect ratios, it would likely be up to developers to decide whether or not to implement them in their games. Seeing as most consoles are hooked up to televisions, where ultrawide resolutions tend to be unheard of, it seems unlikely that a resolution like this would get much developer support. So, most of the time you might be running games on this screen with black bars as if it were a 27" 2560x1440 display.

If I had to guess, the marketing people are just trying to push this screen to an additional market without bothering to consider the logistic of how well it might work there.