Phillips HDMI Issue


Aug 5, 2009
Hey guys,I purchased a phillips full 1080p tv about a year ago,the model number is 47MF437B.Im having a strange HDMI Issue when watching anythngi through my time warner HD cable box,The video is jumpy/skippy about every second it will jump and skip the image.I do not have this issue when running through my ps3 no matter what resolution im using 720/1080i/1080p.Ive replaced the HDMI cord and still the same issue with the cable box.I used to have Dish with an HD receiver and I had the same exact problem then too,but if I hookup component to the box instead of HDMI it works flawlessly.I thought it was my tv but like I mentioned before,the video looks flawless through HDMI when using my PS3.If anyone has ANY suggestions It would be greatly appreciated! Thanks guys