Question Phone as main internet source - connect to Router

Sep 11, 2020

My secondary older and smaller phone got LTE with unlimited traffic.
I use it as a DSL replacement, as I am on the road quite often.
For now, I set it up as a mobile hotspot and connect my main phone as well as Pc and smart home peripherals to it.
However the phone is limited in its range and only up to 6 devices can be connected to it.
Is there an easy and cheap way to connect my phone to a normal stationary router via USB or Wifi and have all the home devices connect to that router instead directly to my phone?
The data card needs to stay in the phone, so a mobile router is not an option (as well as switching the card everytime I am at home).
I would prefer cheap used parts that are capable of that, also I've got an spare Speedport W921V around, if that will work (I haven't found any documentation on external internet sources).
Where do I have to look, what terms to watch out for maybe I can research more on that?

Thank you very much :)
No simple way to do what you want. To use a USB cable the router must support the phone in tethered mode. The problem is even if you used a USB broadband modem the router needs a driver which unlike a pc you can not just load. The list of phones that are supported is very very small. I doubt your router supports any form of mobile broadband. Asus tends to have the largest list of supported modems.

Using it via wifi is also not simple. The common way would be with a repeater/extender not sure if your router can run in that mode. The major issue with doing this is the phone hotspot must have WDS support which almost none do and you still have the 6 device limit and the router would likely reduce that by 1 more.
To make this work you need a router than can have it WAN port use the wifi radios. This is very very rare. Maybe dd-wrt firmware is a option on your router.

Finally read the fine print in your phone contract. Almost no phone plans (at least in the USA) allow unlimited tethered access. Even the so called unlimited on just the phone itself even has limits on many plans. When you run in hotspot mode it is considered tethered.
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Sep 28, 2020
I do this by using an ASUS AC1200 modem.
Most of their AC models larger than that can be set up that way.
I just ordered a refurbished AC1750 from Amazon at this address.
It should work. ASUS has the manuals.

It has to be setup as a repeater or extender.
I used the AC1200 for 4 years with a galaxy4 using Android 5 on Verizon unlimited.
It works Okay, but sometimes it disconnects. I think because we leave it on all the time and the certificate runs out.