Phone get no internet from home wireless when idle?

Jan 19, 2019
This is happening if i am no using my phone for several hours, this is actually weird problem because its not actually disconnected but just no internet, the icon on my phone still connected to my wifi but no internet at all to solve this i just have to turn off and turn on the phone wifi. I have 3 Xiaomi phone and all of them get same problem like this but not with my samsung phone, my laptop and my computer they're just fine. And i tried to connect this 3 phone to my other router and everything is fine, i am not use them for several hours and everything just fine. This problem only occur on my second router. I got 2 router on my house. 1 for the internet and the other one is for extender. This only occur on my extender.

My extender TP LINK TL WR840N and the first router is NokiaG240W (this from my isp)

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