Question Phone project to tablet as display only? s9+ samsung dex

Feb 14, 2020
I would like to use my Samsung S9+ with a blue tooth keyboard/mouse with a ~10" tablet for a larger display. My hope is to utilize samsung Dex to create a "desktop" experience. The challenge I suspect is to configure the tablet to be a wired display only. So I would use the phone for the cpu and graphics and everything. Then the tablet needs to be a display or monitor only. I'd like to plug the usb c from the phone into the probably usb c on the tablet and have it be a monitor. Anyone tried this before?

I've considered an external small monitor but it requires an electrical plugin to power it. Displays that have their own battery are a bit pricey.
I'm aiming to do this on the value budget. A $100 tablet seems like it would have the basics needed.

I'm thinking I would likely need to root the tablet, configure the bios, or load a basic linux environment to tune the tablet to be a display?

Any thoughts or experience with this?

My inspiration is Live Free or Die Hard when the tech kid uses his phone with a keyboard to hack computer systems. lol (-; I just want a little bigger portable display with the phone and keyboard.