Question Phone System?


Jan 2, 2015
I apologize if this is in the wrong section, but I believe that this should be under networking because it consists of using IP Phones (or so I believe).
So here is my situation. I have a regular phone in my office. That’s where my modem that I get my telephone connection is as well. I want to also get calls in a remote location that is a separate building from the one where my phone is. It has a telephone line that runs from the telephone in the office all of the way to the other remote location. I also have network access (WiFi with direct Ethernet wire).
What would you guys suggest as far as what type of system to go with? I’m thinking it would be an IP phone system, but then again, there are only two phones needed with the same number. Thanks!
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If you have a old style analog phone it should be as simple as connecting the wires together and getting another analog phone for the other building.

VoIP is a little messy when you are talking multiple phones sharing one number. The providers of the VoIP service offer thing like ringing on 2 different devices but they charge extra for it. Unless you actually need them it maybe easier to log the phone in and out of the system where you want to use them.

Maybe even simpler would be to load a VoIP client to your cell phone. You would be on the same network when you were home and most have the ability to run over the phones data plan when you are away from home. You in effect have 2 numbers on your cell.