Phonejoy Puts Work And Play On Your Mobile Device With Phonejoy Hub

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This is an idea which in broadest sense sounds impractical to me. Partly because, most of the work can be stored in the cloud right now, and most smartphones can run any productive app required to work on those.

Another reason is, the idea itself is self contradictory, in a sense. You require a bigger display to work on with this, which's what usually happens in a normal way too. You do some work on your PC and put in on cloud, then you can edit it on whatever platform you want. What's so different with doing this on your cellphone connected to a bigger display with a hub to act as mediator?

Now I do agree phone can do many a tasks fluently, and with a bigger display that might even be done better, but there are some things which a phone won't really be best at doing, 3D modelling comes to my mind first, your really do require a PC or laptop for that. Just to add some salt, virtual reality is very much present in the near or distinct future.

Not being too critical, it's a fairly impressive idea, but in my honest opinion, of little practical purpose.


Mar 14, 2015
I'd probably turn my desktop on less if I had this, not ditch it entirely. And with smartphones as they are this would be good enough for surfing the net, youtube, video watching, typing something up, etc.

The problem is MHL drains the heck out of my phone even when connected to high amp power, you can't otg at the same time & I'm not interested in bluetooth; and good luck charging at the same time.

So I'll believe it when I see it.

I'd rather see monitors support acting as usb hubs & ethernet adapters over display port & mobile support for it with a charging lead. Ideally it could hub ethernet across multiple connections & kvm display & usb output. Preferably with phones with enough processor & ram to run windows 10. Until then I see no reason to upgrade.


Oct 26, 2011
I have a $20 dock for Samsung galaxy phones, tested on my note 4. Has charging, 3 usb ports, audio jack and hdmi out. Runs ok but the phone does get hotter powering all this. Samsung builds this into the OS so I'm not sure how an app will handle similar functionality without root access or something.

This could be much cooler with a windows 10 device running an x86 proc and full windows if such a device gets made. I'd say it will probably be all wireless in future devices anyway, wifi to display, Bluetooth keyboard and mouse ect. Heck, you can do that now!
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