Photo editing no professional hardware needs


Jul 23, 2011
Looking to buy a prebuilt (any mfg or customized Dell system to use for Personal Photo editing and photobook creation. Usually have three photo editors going in addition to ACDsee organizer. Adobe Elements and Adobe Premier (for video editing). Lots of multitasking going on and just use of Premier is a memory hog. No gaming at all. What processor do I need and can I get away with onboard graphics. Some of the new reviews seem to think onboard is okay. If not what graphics card would be recommended.

The video editing is all simple stuff but as stated above Adobe is a system hog.

Thanks in advance


Jan 26, 2011
Look to get a intel i5 2500k if not a 2600k. Or the non-k version if you have no intent to overclock. the main difference between the 2500k and 2600k is lower clock speed and lack of hyperthreading, which is negligible in many applications anyway. Both of these cpus have onboard graphics that will be fine. I know some CS applications can use graphics acceleration with a GPU, but not sure which.

Get at least 8gb of ram. 16gb will give you massive room to multitask.
If possible include an SSD in addition to regular hard drives because it will load and run those applications much faster than a regular drive