Question Photoshop Elements, moving library from old to new PC


Dec 17, 2008
I'm looking to put a new version of Photoshop Elements onto my new build PC.
My current PC has Elements 9 installed.

What is the best way to transfer my Library from Elements 9 on the old PC, to Elements 2020 on the new PC.
All of my photos are RAW format, and are stored on a dedicated HDD, which I was planning on moving into the new PC. I would like to transfer any editing changes I have made though, and as far as I know this would be lost if I just moved the drive over.

I don't tend to save the exported jpg's to the library, but they are saved into folders in /my photos, so I don't need to worry about moving these over.

If I create a backup (either to the HDD I will move over, or a separate external HDD), can I load this into the new version of Elements on the new PC, and will this keep any changes, tags, etc?

If not, is there a better method?

You're jumping several generations of PSE, during which Adobe have changed supporting database format (from Microsoft Access to SQLite), so you should test your backup/restore upgrade plan on small subset of files to see how it will go. Hopefully you can get time-limited trial version of PSE.