Physx and SLI

Feb 10, 2019
Hi everyone, greetings from IT
.. I was wondering:

What happens exactly to Physx when
we disable SLI and Physx is set to "auto" [ex. 2080ti (2)]

Should I force it to the gpu is currently rendering with?
May this /having it on the second, with sli disabled/ be the reason for micro stuttering in games?

(!) considering disabling sli as an advantage - for games without support or etc.

Asus pg348q 3440x1440 100hz
Lian li pc-o11 wx
8700k delidded lq
Maximus Hero XI
32gb Trident Z 3600mhz c17
Nvlink 2x rtx 2080ti Asus Dual OC lq
Samsung 970 evo 2 TB Nvme2
Cooler Master Masterwatt 1600 W
[Edit: sorry XD it s 970, not 980, my bad]
There's a Samsung 980 EVO already? :) (And just a week after the announcement of the 970 EVO PLus?)

SLI is just short of dead, from what I hear. I didn't realize using separate GPUs for PhysX processing was still a thing with today's GPU power...

You can certainly try disabling a GPU to see if that helps; I know I'd be darn irritated (to say the least!) to have spent that much and have stutter!
Feb 10, 2019

:/ I can't help but laughing.. You know, sli was a really bad idea for me. I don't know if it s dead, don't think so, but man it should.

As it is, as they work, I really cannot advise a single person to go for it. Sli + no sli support / sli + no sli support but maybe mod / sli + gsync w artefacts / thousands things I don't know and who does?

It s not about "it is not worth it", it s just like "it doesnt work well at all!"


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