PhysX dadicate


Jan 15, 2012
i just assemble my rig by last day, and im using asus GTX680DC2T

my question is :

any diferrences if put other mid end graphic card for physX between single card?
With the games that are currently out there I would say that you in no way shape or forum need to place a mid line card in something like a 650Ti or something along those lines to power the Physx engine within games. I play games that use it and I have a GTX670 and I turn settings up to pretty much the max with Physx on high and have no issues what so ever and I would imagine a 680 being a little better would have no issues as well. Maybe a couple generation of cards from now if there is a game that uses physx and your card isn't cutting it but I feel for now the answer would be no stick to your card and let that money do the lifting for what you paid for it :)
If you already have an Nvidia card that can be used for PhysX, then there's no reason not to throw it in as a dedicated PhysX.

However to go out and buy a mid-range card as a dedicated PhysX wouldnt be worth it. Too few games use it and the 680 is powerful enough to drive PhysX on its own.