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PhysX for AMD Radeon

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Nov 11, 2012
I wanna ask something about this.

I just got my need for speed : shift yesterday, and when i tried to click the shift.exe file, it said that : PhysXloader.dll was missing (not found). I've tried to download PhysXloader.dll in the dllfiles.com before, copied it to nfs : shift folder, and the exe can be clicked. But when i tried to play story mode, after some introduction scene, there was this pop up windows shown : shift.exe must be closed (something like crash).

I've been searching for hours about this problem, and they said that it was caused by physx. But my graphic card is ATI RADEON XFX 7850 Black Edition dual fan, and as far as i know, there's no such thing as physx for ati radeon. My vga and monitor driver are both updated till the latest updates.

My question is : anyone know how to solve this problem ? How to turn off the physx maybe ?

I've tried to patch the game using patch 1.02 (i downloaded both EU and NA versions and clicked both of them but nothing's changed.) and it wasn't help at all.

Oh and i've searched some webs before and found this link : http://www.ngohq.com/graphic-cards/16223-nvidia-disables-physx-when-ati-card-is-present-28.html#post82812

They said that there's some mods for phsic so it can be used by ATI RADEON users, but i dont know how to use it bcs no one tell how to do it step by step there. Whether i need to download the physX driver from nvidia first then patch it or something else ? I don;t know.

Please any kind of helps and comments are truly appreciated.

My cpu specs is :

Intel i5 3570 ivybridge @3.4ghz / 3.8 ghz while turboboosted (not OC'ed at all)
ATI Radeon XFX 7850 black edition dual fan
PSU FSP 750 watt
8Gb memory of ram, the brand is patriot if i'm not mistaken.
All stocks not OC'ed even a bit.



Jun 11, 2012
Sounds like you didn't buy the game. Now Physx CAN be run with an AMD gpu on some games, but the CPU will handle it. Since CPUs do a poor job at those types of calculations it will struggle. My 3570k can't handle medium physx at stock on Borderlands 2.
PhysX is used in several game engines, and it works perfectly fine regardless of video card brand.

People often confuse "GPU accelerated PhysX" with "PhysX". PhysX will work on the CPU, GPU accelerated PhysX requires an Nvidia card to use that feature.

In either case, you have to have the PhysX drivers installed. If you removed that game and reinstalled it, it would most likely install a version of the PhysX drivers, but going directly to Nvidia for the latest versions may be better.
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