Question PhysX is causing BSODs


Apr 9, 2010
I have Asus Zenbook Flip 14 laptop (UX461UN) and it seems like whenever I installed PhysX (that included in graphic driver) my laptop will crash with video_dxgkrnl_fatal_error or driver_power_state_failure BSODs. I have tried many driver versions, including on Asus and GeForce websites and the result is the same, laptop will crash with after I logged in, or a few minutes later if I'm lucky.

I came across this thread, and after I read and did the suggestion to only install graphic driver without anything else, my laptop doesn't crash anymore.

I've read a couple articles and afaik PhysX only affects games. Well I don't do much gaming on this laptop (only CS:GO and Football Manager series) and i don't see the differences. For comparison, I too discovered this thread (different brand, but the same UHD 620 & MX150 combo) and the original poster stated that it happens on Windows 10 1809 (same as me), and it doesn't happen on 1803. Here's my question: With I only playing "casual" games, how important PhysX is for me? Is it better to downgrade to 1803 with PhysX installed or stick with 1809 without PhysX?

Please help, thanks in advance

Asus UX461UN :
i7 8550U
Intel UHD 620 & GeForce MX150
Windows 10 Home 1809 (17763.593)

cherry blossoms

Apr 13, 2016
PhysX is generally used to increase inworld complexity on titles that specifically are coded to use it. This is for things such as more dynamic motion of cloth, smoke, debris creation in FPS, etc. With casual being your focus, very doubtful you would need it, unless your interests in games changes.

From wikipedia. Generally displays many games which use it.

TitleRelease dateType of accelerationPhysX effects
7554December 16, 2011GPUrigid body simulation, vehicle simulation, destructible environments, cloth simulation
Alice: Madness ReturnsJune 14, 2011GPUdebris and particle simulation, destructible environments, fluid simulation, various types of dynamic particles (weapon effects, smoke, etc.)
Armageddon RidersJune 2, 2009GPUdebris simulation, spark and particle effects
Assassin's Creed IV: Black FlagOctober 29, 2013GPUparticle effects via APEX Particles, particle shadows, volumetric smoke, turbulence
Auto AssaultApril 11, 2006
(shutdown August 31, 2007)
PPUfluid simulation, improved destructibility of objects
Batman: Arkham AsylumSeptember 15, 2009GPU or PPUdynamic fog and steam, dynamic tearable cloth and cobwebs, spark effects, dynamic paper and leaves, additional rigid bodies, destructible environments
Batman: Arkham City[1]November 8, 2011GPUdynamic fog and steam, dynamic bank notes, posters etc., additional rigid bodies, destructible environments, cloth simulation, debris and particle effects
Batman: Arkham KnightJune 23, 2015GPUGPU accelerated paper debris. Apex based smoke generated by the Batmobile
Batman: Arkham Origins[2]October 25, 2013GPUdynamic fog and steam, dynamic bank notes, posters etc., additional rigid bodies, destructible environments, cloth simulation, spark and particle effects
Bet on Soldier: Black-Out SaigonMay 29, 2007PPU
Bet on Soldier: Blood of SaharaNovember 9, 2006PPU
Bet on Soldier: Blood SportSeptember 26, 2005PPUPhysX effects added in patch v1.3
BlurMay 28, 2010GPU
Borderlands 2September 18, 2012GPUvarious types of dynamic particles (weapon effects, smoke, etc.), tearable environmental cloth like flags and banners, interactive SPH fluids, ForceFields effects affecting particles and cloth
Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel!October 14, 2014GPUvarious types of dynamic particles (weapon effects, smoke, etc.), tearable environmental cloth like flags and banners, interactive SPH fluids, ForceFields effects affecting particles and cloth
Call of Duty: GhostsNovember 5, 2013GPUenhanced smoke particles
CellFactor: Combat TrainingMay 9, 2006PPU
CellFactor: RevolutionMay 8, 2007PPUfluid simulation, cloth simulation
ChronosMarch 28, 2016GPU
City of VillainsOctober 28, 2005
(shutdown November 30, 2012)
PPUadditional levels
Crazy Machines 2October 15, 2007GPU or PPUfluid simulation
Cryostasis: Sleep of ReasonDecember 5, 2008GPU or PPUfluid simulation, particle physics, spark effects
Dark VoidApril 21, 2010GPUdynamic smoke, particle physics
Darkest of DaysSeptember 8, 2009GPUdebris simulation, dynamic fog and smoke, dynamic leaves
DaylightApril 29, 2014GPU
Deep BlackMarch 1, 2012GPU
Depth HunterFebruary 7, 2012GPU
Dirty BombJune 2, 2015GPU
Eden StarTBAGPUgameplay physics, destruction
EverQuest NextCancelledGPU
EverspaceMay 31, 2017GPUPhysX destruction
Fallout 4February 1, 2016GPUbullet collision debris added in patch 1.3 (FleX)
Gas Guzzlers: Combat CarnageMay 22, 2012GPU
Ghost in the Shell: First Assault - Stand Alone Complex OnlineJuly 29, 2016
(shutdown December 6, 2017)
HawkenFebruary 15, 2014
(shutdown January 2, 2018)
GPUparticle effects including impact debris, chunks from destroyed mechs, sparks, realistic smoke and steam simulation via APEX Turbulence, destructible environments via APEX Destruction (post-launch)
HatredJune 1, 2015GPUgameplay physics, debris simulation, dynamic smoke
Hot Dance PartyMarch 31, 2008GPU
Hot Dance Party IIAugust 5, 2008GPU
InfernalMay 9, 2007PPUgameplay physics, debris simulation, destructible environments
Jianxia 3May 19, 2011GPU
Killing Floor 2April 5, 2015GPUparticle effects via FleX
LandmarkJune 10, 2016
(shutdown February 21, 2017)
GPUparticle effects based on APEX Turbulence, cloth simulation
Life Is StrangeJanuary 30, 2015GPUdebris simulation
Lords of the FallenOctober 28, 2014GPUparticle effects based on APEX Turbulence, cloth simulation
Mars: War LogsApril 26, 2013GPU
Mafia IIAugust 24, 2010GPUadditional debris (up to 10,000 pieces at a time), dynamic cloth, dynamic smoke, dynamic destruction
Metal Knight ZeroCancelledGPU
Metro 2033March 16, 2010GPUdebris simulation, dynamic smoke
Metro: Last LightMay 14, 2013GPUphysically simulated particles, SPH based smoke and fog simulation, interactive cloth objects, dynamic forcefields
Metro ExodusFebruary 15, 2019GPU
Mirror's EdgeJanuary 13, 2009GPU or PPUdebris and glass shard simulation, dynamic tearable cloth, spark effects, dynamic fog and steam
Monster Madness: Battle for SuburbiaJune 12, 2007GPU or PPUgameplay physics
MStarJune 30, 2011GPU
NVIDIA VR FunhouseJuly 15, 2016GPU
Passion Leads ArmyDecember 7, 2012GPU
QQ Dance 2008-05GPU
QQ Dance 22012-Q4GPU
Rise of the TriadJuly 31, 2013GPUparticle effects (impact debris and weapon effects), destructible environments
Sacred 2: Fallen AngelNovember 7, 2008GPUparticle physics, dynamic leaves and rocks
Sacred 2: Ice & BloodOctober 2, 2009GPUparticle physics, dynamic leaves and rocks
Shadowgrounds SurvivorNovember 14, 2007PPU
Shattered HorizonNovember 4, 2009GPU
Star Citizen[3]TBAGPUeffects for clothing and particles, APEX Turbulence effects
Star TrekApril 23, 2013GPU
Star Trek DACNovember 12, 2009GPUdebris simulation
Stoked Rider: Alaska AlienDecember 14, 2006PPUavalanche simulation
SwitchballJune 26, 2007PPUfluid simulation
The Bureau: XCOM Declassified[4]August 20, 2013GPUparticle effects based on APEX Turbulence, cloth simulation
The Secret WorldJuly 3, 2012GPU
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced WarfighterMay 3, 2006PPUdebris simulation
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2June 28, 2007GPU or PPUdebris simulation, dynamic tearable cloth, dynamic tree and plant simulation, particle effects, additional level with destructible environments
Unreal Tournament 3November 19, 2007GPU or PPUadditional levels
Warhammer 40,000: Eternal CrusadeSeptember 23, 2016GPUHairWorks, PhysX effects, APEX effects, HBAO+ and Nvidia’s FaceWorks
Warmonger: Operation Downtown DestructionNovember 29, 2007