Picking a graphics card


Dec 27, 2012
I have this computer:

And I need to upgrade my graphics card because I cannot play games like Far Cry 3 without lagging.

I want a new one able to max out Far Cry 3, Skyrim, LoL.

My budget is about 250 dollars a little over or under is fine but not to much of a difference.

I need to know if it would be compatible with the rest of my computer and I'm noob so any help would be greatly appreciated .

I was thinking about this:

Is it compatible with everything?
Just throwing this out there, a 660 will NOT be able to max out Far Cry 3, and might struggle with Skyrim. Lol isn't even close to being graphically intensive.

I have a heavily overclocked 670, and though Far Cry 3 is one of the few games I can't max out at 120fps and 1080p, it gets a minimum framerate of about 58fps, average about 80.

Even if you overclock the heck out of that thing, I wouldn't expect 60fps with max settings at 1080p.


May 17, 2011
I have the same case as you and I will tell you its a small case. Anyways since your probably running the stock psu you probobly should check the wattage on it to see what video cards it can take. If its only 300 watts I can't really see much cards running for you other then maybe a radeon 7750 which I have. If its 500 watts or something along the lines of that I say go for it.