Build Advice Picking my dream PC parts

May 10, 2019
I'm gonna buy the parts for my new PC next month and was after some suggestions/advices on the parts.
This is the system:

My main doubts are:
  1. Is this PSU going to hold the Ryzen 2 2700 at Max Boost and maybe a slight OC on the RAM's?
  2. Do you guys recommend the Gigabyte Aorus X470 Ultra Gaming? My other options are MSI B450 Tomahawk or ASUS ROG STRIX B450-F Gaming.
  3. I know the Carbide 275R comes with 2 fans, 1 on the front and 1 on the rear, so I was planning on getting more fans. Do you guys know which fan (model) comes with the case? I thought on getting the 2 more of the same. If u guys recommend some other fan, I'm open to suggestions.
  4. I chose a 2400Mhz RAM cause I saw some tests with 2400-2666-2933Mhz and the improvement in performance wasn't good, in some cases it even had less fps on 2666Mhz than 2400Mhz. How far do u guys think I can get this RAM? Again, if u guys have any suggestions on RAM, I'm all ears.
I think these are my doubts for now. Also if u guys have any other suggestions on any of the parts I'm listening. Thx.


Nov 2, 2006
  1. the GFX card should top out at 120W and the 2700 is around 65W - the estimated max power is 305W. plenty of headroom!!
  2. Providing that mobo provides everything you want - just go for it.
  3. - you probably don't need more fans at all
  4. The sweet spot for RAM is 3000-3200MHz if you can afford it and RAM prices are coming down all the time.
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