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Question Picture of motherboard

Jun 25, 2021
Hallo ik heb een acer aspire c24-1650 alles in één pc.
kan er iemand een foto van het moederbord bezorgen van wat meer technische om de hdd te vervangen door ssd.
Dank u

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Hi I have an acer aspire c24-1650 all in one pc. can someone provide a picture of the motherboard of some more technical to replace the hdd with ssd. Thank you


The following link may be helpful.


However, for some unknown reason, the link would not open for me.

I also found the following link:

http://www.laptopinventory.com/LaptopInventory.php/Acer/Aspire/1650/Hard Drive

Applies to laptop but comes up with "1650" If not applicable then look for a similar page that is a match for your All-in-one.

You can also reference the procedure for similar models but there may be differences.

For example:

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dOQ6PT8kbIA

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jCLOOQMmwDw

Should be fairly straightforward to replace the HDD with a SSD.

Do watch and read other "How-to's" but be careful about what they actually show and do. There are some very bad and simply wrong tutorials on the internet.

Key is that you plan out the drive swap, gather the necessary tools, have a clean, well lit work space, and take your time.

You should not need to use force anywhere. Ensure that screwdrivers are a proper and full fit to the screws.

The real working/reference document is the Acer Service Manual for your c24-1650 "All-in-One".

And be sure that all important data is backed up else and proven to be recoverable and readable.
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