Picture of TRUE on P6T MB


Feb 28, 2009
Hi everyone,

I have been searching for hours for a picture of TRUE heatsink on the P6T MB to determine if the TRUE heatsink will fit my computer case. Have anyone seen one around?
The width of your case is 198mm. The height of the heatsink is 160.5mm. That leaves just 37.5mm for the motherboard, the motherboard tray, and a little breathing space.

I suggest you measure the distance from the motherboard or the motherboard tray to the left side panel to find out if there is enough room.

There may be another problem. You case has a slide out motherboard tray. When sliding the tray in or out the heatsink may not clear the frame of the case. You'd have to install the heatsink first, then install the motherboard the old fashioned way.

Have you considered alternative heatsinks? Here is a link to a web site with lot of information about heatsinks: