[SOLVED] Piece of metal on the PCB of my NVME came off


May 6, 2017

I recieved 2 NVME drives from a friend, when I came to install them I realised that I was missing some stand off screws so I ordered some from online.
The screw heads on these screws seemed quite big however they fit although when installing one drive the screw head knocked one of the metal bits on the PCB of one of the NVME drives and made it loose. I tried to push it back into place but it came off. I then tested it and my pc booted fine, I installed crystal disk and tested the read and write speeds of the drives and both were good. So i'd just like some advice on weather this could cause issues down the line or weather i'll be fine running with it. I'll install my OS on the one that's not damaged but honestly it seems to be working fine so not too sure. Anyone else had a similar issue or heard of something similar? I've included pics of the piece that came off however it's very small so sorry for the image quiality. Any help would be much appreciated.

View: https://imgur.com/a/9IWBbmS

Many thanks,