PII720 + 760G build?


Nov 21, 2008
I recently built a Phenom II 720 + 790gx build and am extremely happy with it. Now, my brother wants a similar build and has commissioned me to do it. Fry's has a combo deal right now that includes a Phenom II 720 + Biostar 760g motherboard for $159.99. I was thinking about going with a 780g board since he doesn't game much but it seems like the 760g's aren't too bad either, especially if you're just going to get a separate graphics card anyways.

So I'm wondering if the 720 + 760 for 159.99 is worth it or if I should just get my parts from newegg and spend a bit more on shipping + better 780g/790gx mobo. What's the main advantages of having a 780g or 790gx over a 760g? I noticed that there's a couple memory slots and an extra pcie slot removed but my brother won't be using those slots anyways since he already has 2 2gig pc6400ddr2 sticks and a radeon 3870 that he's very happy with.


Jan 7, 2009
Probably the difference is just age, how old it was made, it's like a Intel P43 board so it should be fine, only thing is it's a uATX board, not sure but, some are able to fit in a ATX case.

For $159.99 it's a good price, i saw one on newegg for $183.99 on the 760g gigabyte + 720be x3 cpu.


Dec 24, 2008
Yeah the 760g is a newer chipset. I don't know much about it, but all 760g's are microatx (microatx=uatx FYI, the greek symbol "mu" for micro is a difficult thing to translate into typed text). They use the SB710, which is supposedly the updated version of the SB700 found on 780g or 770 chipsets (neither of these overclock as well as the SB750 found on 790GX or FX, but they will do alright). The Integrated graphics is not as good as the 780g, but that doesn't matter if your bro is using a discrete GPU.

My concern would be the quality of that MB. Biostar comes out with good boards once in a while, but they also have come out with some very bad ones (more so than asus, gigabyte, or DFI have).