Question Pin Repair

Aug 17, 2019
Hello everyone, so need some advice. I got a little hasty with a build and damaged my i9-9900K and corresponding 1151 socket. The machine actually posts surprisingly with the only perceived effect being memory channel a is no longer useable.
I have 2 questions: 1. Is the CPU significantly damaged? 2. Would it's be worth trying to repair the pins on the motherboard? It seems to me that some have actually broken off. Thanks for your guidance.

Coffee straw is my preferred tool. Sometimes a precision flat head screwdriver to pry the pin up enough to get the straw around it if it's been smashed into the socket too far.

I agree with others, I think you're going to have a hard time fixing what you've done. Did you drop the CPU corner-first onto the socket?

PC Tailor

Okay now how do I solve my depression about this issue lol
Relax and don't worry. Parts are replaceable.
Get a new motherboard, and bonus is, you never realise a problem until a mistake is made, now the mistake is made, you know you'll probably never do it again, so it's an opportunity.

You'll have the system set back up in no time once you get a replacement :)
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