Ping and Mbs for Gaming


Oct 5, 2012
How many Mbs and what ping is preferable for gaming. currently i have a Mbs download ( of about 10 Mbs but i don't know how to find out the ping.

Thanks in advance
Ping is measured from one system to another using the ping command at a command prompt. In other words, for a game you are testing the ping from your PC to the game server. On most games the ping is not as important as the jitter, which is how much the ping varies over time.

Generally, the lower the ping the better, however, if your ping times are:

20, 30, 15, 50, 20, 60. . .

There is a lot of variation between the best (15) and the worst (60). Your game might be more playable if it is:

60, 65, 58, 62, 65, 60. . .

Here the variation is less even though the average ping is higher.


Stephen Jones

Nov 5, 2012
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Ping is a computer network tool used to test whether a particular host is reachable across an IP network. It is a social network for music built into Apple iTunes. It is used for blogs, RSS, and related web services. It is a software for disk cloning or backup. It is the proper pronunciation of PNG, short for Portable Network Graphics, a bitmap image format. PC and Mac gaming originally required high-end PCs with fast processors and expensive graphics cards. In the modern era of cloud computing, virtually any computer with a fast Internet connection can stream the latest games from a remote server. Online game streaming works by running a game on a remote server; the user sends input to the server and the server sends audio and video back to the user. OnLive allows users to purchase games through its online store..

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In Windows, ping is really only useful as a tool to establish that connectivity exists between two nodes. Windows ping uses ICMP packets which are typically given the lowest possible priority (even dropped) on most routers, this makes the reported times virtually useless as an absolute benchmark, though one can infer better/worse from the numbers.