Ping fluctuates when others use


Feb 12, 2017
My ping seems to fluctuate heavily when other people are using it and fairly constant when i'm the only one. I play league of legends which requires steady ping, however the ping spikes to sometimes 1000+ when someone else uses the internet. The same thing happens when using an ethernet cable as well. I have an internet connection with 4mbps speed. Could the speed be the reason why it fluctuates? It works fairly well when other people are not using it. Let me know if you require any other information, i'm not too familiar with internet related information.

Thank you
4m is nothing now days. It is a lot if you only played games but even large web pages will spike the connection to full utilization when you have 4m. If it is one of the crappy sites that autoplays video ads you will use even more. 4m is going to be just marginal to watch HD video. So if someone would do that can completely use your connection.

This is in addition to any wireless interference you have with 2 devices sharing the same wireless.

There is no way to really fix this other than to buy more bandwidth. Some router have QoS settings but in effect what you are doing is telling the other person they can not use the internet when you are playing games. There is no magic way to share the bandwidth without someone not getting what they want.