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Question ping goes up, packet loss, and goes back down consistently.

Feb 4, 2020
Hi, so my internet has always been bad but this keeps happening. I always ping google to see how the internet is doing today, but this won't stop happening.

We have had 4 different routers, this is the only one this happens to. I am plugged into the router via ethernet and when I plug directly into the modem, ping is completely fine; consistently under 100ms and no packet loss at all. I've gone through many cables so I'm wondering what the problem is. I do reset the modem to try to fix it but it fixes it usually for about 30 seconds, then back to being awful.

My current fix right now is factory resetting the router every time, this seems to fix it for a day, but I want a more permanent fix.

Need more information.
What router?
Is the router connected to the modem by cable or wireless?
Do you have close neighbors?
It appears to be a wireless problem. Interference can cause packet loss and download errors. When this happens the router must use memory to do error correction. When memory becomes full you get what you are seeing.
When you hard reset the modem memory is completely cleared and the cycle repeats.