Question Ping has suddenly increased but download/upload speeds are still okay ?

Sep 11, 2021
So 2 weeks ago I upgraded my internet to optic fiber 100mb/s, they came in and set it up, gave me a router and all that.. I tested it that day and all was fine after a few days I logged into a game and ping was nice (50ms) everything was fine until a few days ago where the ping just all of a sudden got high to 80/90ms, still same region server I checked but no change, tried other games same problem, tried ping and it's higher 20ms than usual.

I then did an internet speed test and I found out that I was getting what I'm paying for. I did all the stuff I need to do, checked the cables, tried everything on the internet but can't find anything useful.. called my ISP they sent a guy who couldn't find anything wrong with it, he found that the ping to the isp server is a bit high but couldn't find a problem or a solution... so now I think that that the problem is from my end but I can't fix it,

I did tracert for the google server but as noob as I am I can't read it to find if there is something wrong and even if i could I don't know how to fix it... so I need help with the network stuff.
thanks in advance

I also updated all the drivers for the pc and the router.

trace route results
There really is nothing you can do to control the path data takes. Your only option is for your router to send and receive data from the ISP router connected to the other end of fiber. You do not have any other path to even think to select. Any path selection past there is in control of the ISP and their routers.

In your case your second hop which is the connection between your house and the ISP is over 20ms. This is kinda high for a true fiber connection. Most people see under 3ms but even cable connection has under 10ms.

I suspect though because of all the ADSL stuff in the names of the router in the trace you do not have fiber all the way to your house but are using copper between the house and the ISP fiber connection. Not sure what rates you should expect it will not be as good as actual fiber but you would still think it would be as good as a normal DSL connection.

Your connection actually looks similar to mine when I am running a VPN on my router. There is a lot of overhead doing the vpn and to go to a vpn data center.

In any case there is nothing you can do about this. Only the ISP can know why there is so much overhead in the connection to your house.

In the end it doesn't really matter. It will have no impact at all on internet usage. You might have some issue playing online games on overseas servers because the extra latency pushes over a usable limit. But even games that tiny amount makes no difference games have methods to not favor someone who has a better ping time......even though you have massive amounts of stupid gamers who think they get a advantage by having 1ms less.