Question ping higher than usual


Apr 11, 2019
i recently started having problems with ping. I used to get around 8ms all the time until around 5 days ago my ping has been a consistent 100+. when playing games i get no lag at all and its very stable but at around 120ms when i usually get around 9-12ms in Rainbow six siege and even 120ms on discord when i usually get 20ms to the Sydney region. My ping would sometimes go back down to 8-10ms in the morning but go right back up again in the noon. i did a speedtest and usually i get around 9 ping in my area of different servers but now i get around 80-130 ping. I use a Powerline adapter as ethernet. both download and uploads speeds are normal and is what i usually get but ping on the other hand not so much. I even did a speedtest on my phone and i got around the same results so i dont think its my PC. Been having this problems for 5 days now and i looked around the internet and tried a tracert and this is what i got

1 9 ms 6 ms 5 ms
2 111 ms 128 ms 131 ms []
3 114 ms 146 ms 159 ms []
4 125 ms 123 ms 172 ms []
5 156 ms 135 ms 113 ms []
6 134 ms 164 ms 183 ms
7 186 ms 153 ms 128 ms
8 151 ms 128 ms 109 ms []

it seems the problem starts at hop 2? but i have no clue how to fix this. i dont know if its on my end for my ISP's


I think it's got to do with the amount of traffic you have on your ISP's end to cause the high pings, which corroborates why it happens at a particular time of day. Maybe your ISP is performing a maintenance on their backbone?

You might want to see if your laptop/desktop's motherboard is pending a BIOS update. You can then focus on the version of the OS. If you're on Windows 10, we're on version 20H2. You can then try uninstalling and reinstalling your NIC drivers in an elevated command, i.e, Right click installer>Run as Administrator.