Question Ping in game


Oct 13, 2019
Hey! I wasnt too sure whether to post this in the PC gaming thread or the networking thread, but i thought it would be more fitting here. So for context I live in the West of the uk, so logically whilst in game I would connect to the London servers instead of any of the other European servers. Yet for some reason my ping on London servers is 67 ms, yet on Frankfurt Germany servers my ping is only 33 ms. Ive made a support ticket with valorant themselves but it wasnt much help.. I made sure everything valorant/riot/vanguard anticheat related was enabled on my firewall, i disabled IPv6 like they mentioned, I also changed my dns to googles dns like said in the ticket, and also running as administrator, yet there is still no change. I was hoping someone here might be able to help me sort this out? It hasnt always been like this, but i wouldnt be able to say when it started happening, i believe it was roughly around the start of this year. If its any help I also use ethernet. Many thanks!
This is likely outside your house and control.

First how do you really know the server is in london and they just don't call it that but it is hosted someplace else. This is extremely common for some games that call servers say asia but all the servers are actually in california but they run different language settings.

In any case what you do is run tracert to the 2 different servers and try to find what looks different. You to some extent can guess the path from the names of the routers in the path.

What maybe happening is they might use a ISP in london that does not have a direct connection to your ISP and it must take a longer path and the server in germany you may have a more direct connection.

In any case this is all just for information you can do nothing at all to change the path your data takes. You only choice is get a different ISP that might have a different path. A variation of this is a vpn service. One of the common ones is exitlag. They have purchased bandwidth on fiber that has low latency to some data centers for some very common game servers. They do not support all games. What you have to hope is the ISP that comes to your house has a low latency path to a local hub on the vpn provider network. Of course you now are paying for in effect 2 different ISP.