Ping problem with Wi-Fi Repeater


Apr 21, 2017
I don't get strong WiFi signal when I am in my room so obviously I lag a lot in games, I thought that buying a WiFi repeater would fix the problem but after doing some research I should've done before I now know that the repeater will make the ping worse.Is there any way that I can reduce my ping? I can't use Ethernet so it's obviously not a good solution
Note: Ping is unstable between 75-250 going up and down with noticeable packet loss
The only ways to make pings lower are:

- Reduce the load on the network (stop others using the modem when gaming);

- Reduce the links in the chain (shorter cabling, less nodes between you and the modem);

- Improve the links in the chain (i.e. better cabling, connections, better wifi kit, better routing config);

- Reduce the load on the local network node (e.g. don't use other Internet programs at the same time, disable background programs that might use the Internet or excessive CPU...very slow computers can cause network lag, and any AV software might add a bit of lag, but mess with that at your own risk);

- Perhaps use faster DNS servers (e.g. over your ISP's DNS servers). This probably won't affect pings to gaming servers, but it might improve any other connections, and reduce overall network latency.
First you need to test with a ethernet cable even if that means running it over the floor or moving your computer. You really need to be sure the problem is the wireless.

Even very strong wifi can get interference spikes in games from neighbors using wifi or someone in one of the fancy cars with wifi hotspots driving by.

A better option will be powerline adapters or maybe MoCA if you have coax tv cable in both rooms. MoCA will be more expensive but it is a option if you happen to live in one of those unlucky houses powerline does not work well in.