Ping shows no problem but lags appear

Jun 4, 2018

I use USB type wireless and it kinda gets heat up, maybe that's the cause? or could it be my components? I've never experienced this before until recently it started to pause the whole game (I could actually type in chat) but the images weren't moving or responding in game.

here, watch the first video and watch the video at the comment section, the last comment by Moveit124
His situation is exactly same as mine, it 's not just League of Legends, happens on RUST as well. Not sure why but anybody willing to help me out? thanks!
WiFi is not considered overly reliable for gaming, although it could also be your wireless adapter if it is being problematic. There's likely nothing you can do with the current adapter except replace the it with something else or just go wired. If you think the adapter is overheating, this may be one of the rare cases where a USB fan may actually come in handy, pointed at the adapter to cool it.

You can test whether your wireless connection is the problem by running a wire temporarily. If the problem persists, it's not the wireless connection.