Question Ping spikes and mofi router.

Nov 2, 2019
All right, Ever since I moved from a city neighborhood with fiber-optic to a woods like house my wifi obviously took a big hit. after months of bad isp interactions my dad got this "MOFI4500-4GXeLTE" router which basically works off of a SIM card from my understanding. With that alone, the bandwidth would die and only one device could heavily use it. So my dad bought Orbi, which is a tri-band wifi extender. This improved our bandwidth to a usable level, but my ping has suffered still. lowest I'll get is 30-70 while it spikes to 200-900 whenever it wants. I play on ethernet since my MOBO didn't come with wireless capabilities, but the ping is still inconsistent. My dns is google and when my ping spikes I've pinged google through cmd and it correlates to the game ping. The main hitter is that my brother played wirelessly on his ps4 and receives little to no lag. I've bought a new ethernet cord and still bad with no improvement. Next thing I was planning on doing was buying a wireless dongle to copy my brother's ps4. But that's assuming my ethernet card is faulty. What else could I do and would buying that dongle solve anything. Sorry for lengthy post just been searching for fixes for months and no one seems to quite be in my situation. PS: When my ping spikes and I do a speed test my download speed usually tanks to 1Mb when it's usually 15-30 Mb, but why doesn't my brother lag too? any leads or answers would by awesome, thanks!