Question Ping spikes at certain times of day

Dec 7, 2022
I´ve been getting ping spikes every day since 2 months ago. I usually play videogames or use discord app on my computer and everything is all right (30-50 ms ping), but at 7pm it starts giving high ping average (200-400 ms ping) during all night untill 11pm, i´ve tried unplungging and plugging the router, i´ve tried pressing the restart button 1 minute, but it still the same. The ISP still saying I have to unplugg and plugg the router but it doesnt work, it happens with ethernet cable plugged in and wiffi is even worse (up to 600 ms ping).
I´ve been doing this speedtest during the 2 months, and it says my download and upload speed is the same all the time, but download latency is lower during the ping spikes (it goes from 30 to 600ms but at the end it goes down to 30)
Can someone help me ,pls?

speedtest link
Generally time of day issues are other people competing for bandwidth. What you describe is when everyone gets home from work and starts watching netflix.....a bit different now that lots of people work from home.

So I will assume it is not usage inside your house. Do you have other people using the internet during those times but not earlier.

How is your internet connected to your house. Is it fiber or some other kind of wire. If you are using a cell broadband network this is extremely common because there is much less bandwidth on a cell tower and it is shared by many users.

It used to be much more a issue even on say a cabled system. You share the bandwidth between your house and the ISP first node with all your neighbors. The ISPs used to sell way more internet contract than they could actually provide. It is still true but the total bandwidth is so much higher it is less a issue. Still in a poorly designed system it only took a couple teens running bit torrents to impact all the houses near them.