Question Ping spikes every 3-10 minutes

May 19, 2019
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So I keep getting lag spikes roughly every 3 - 10 minutes (never consistent as far as I can tell.) I believe it happens on Netflix/Youtube/etc. as well. My ping will be running smoothly at around 30ms and then spike to 300-600 for about 5 seconds and drop back down to normal. Doesn't disconnect me from a game, just a lot of rubber-banding.
I've searched everywhere and tried many solutions but to no avail.

Here is what I have tried/tested so far:

Occurs on every game I play. (Steam, Origin, Epic,, etc)
Uninstalling and reinstalling network drivers as well as updating to newer and older versions.
Uninstalled Gamefirst III.
Direct ethernet connection. (spikes weren't quite as high, but still pretty bad)
Tried multiple networks at different houses with different ISP's. So, not a modem/router issue.
Regedit networkthrottlingindex set to FFFFFFFF instead of a.
I tried a tracert and the only thing that is always consistent is the first hop always times out. Don't know if that's an issue or irrelevant?
Deactivated Dropbox.
Uninstalled Malwarebytes.
Cortanna is disabled.

I have probably tried a few others but I can't remember them all.
I've got an Asus ROG G751JY laptop running Windows 10. It runs like a top except this one issue has remained constant. Any help would be appreciated! I have searched everywhere and found nothing that works yet.
Also, I'm pretty bad with the lingo like packets and voip and that kind of stuff so take it easy on me. Haha!


Apr 18, 2014
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What is the router/AP make and model? "direct ethernet" implies you were on wireless before that?

Direct cable connection is almost always better for latency and gaming.

Have you tried connecting the laptop to some other network/AP and see if it behaves the same? If this doesn't happen on another network/AP it might mean there's something wrong with the router/AP.
May 19, 2019
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Yes, I was, and currently am, on a wireless network. Even with a direct ethernet connection, the issue is still there.
And as I said before, I have been to different homes with different ISP's/modems/routers/etc. and I still have the issue. It's not an issue with a provider, it's an internal issue. I just can't find out where it is specifically.