Question Ping spikes every 63 minutes

Aug 10, 2020
So I've run into a very strange problem lately with my connection. I noticed that when I would play games or have meetings for work I would consistently (around once an hour) have a period of 2-4 minutes of essentially unusable internet because of massive ping spikes in short bursts. I eventually downloaded PingPlotter and WireShark to try and analyze the problem.

1) I noticed these spikes come essentially every 63 minutes of the day. It's to the point that when the first happens I can predict the rest of their onset timestamps accurate to within 30 seconds

2) I've tried disconnecting all devices from my network one by one to see if it was a particular device to no avail. WireShark revealed no additional traffic beyond what was already on the network at the spike times.

3) I've tried full modem/router, just modem, just router resets around the times of the outages and the spikes consistently return on schedule.

4) I connected my main PC directly to the modem with the router disconnected and off to see if it would alleviate the issue but it persisted.

5) I consistently run pings to the router and modem and see no similar spikes at these times which again seems to indicate something external to my home network.

6) I've had techs look at the lines and I have monitored the power and SNR myself during these moments and seen no deviation, no increase in uncorrectables, no lost channels etc.

7) The ping I run to now essentially 24/7 seems to start spiking at these times at the first and second hop from my router, so I guess just past the head-end of the line and then the server immediately following it - both owned by my ISP Spectrum as the WHOIS info lists them as such or "Time Warner Legacy"

I finally have a tech coming out again tomorrow to hopefully dump this data on him, but could I be missing ANYTHING on my own network that might be responsible here? I feel like I've done a lot of due diligence to figure out where the problem is originating and the incredibly regular cadence with which it occurs seems to scream software issue upstream as opposed to network congestion or signal problems.

Anyone else ever experienced something similar to this?