Question Ping spikes lasting multiple seconds every few seconds ?

Aug 25, 2022
This is an issue that I have been dealing with for months now. I have a desktop with a wired connection that experiences sustained ping spikes every few seconds. In the past, the ping was excellent; it only happened at specific times, and now it happens all the time. I have contacted my isp and received a new router, but it has not fixed the issue. I have sent pings to hop 1 and hop 2 to find no underlying concerns. The photo below is a visual of my issue.

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That is fairly high latency even for the minimum, then again you might be testing to another country......or are you getting this rate to hop 1 or hop 2.

If hop 1 and hop2 are good then the problem is likely outside anything you can control. If you want try a tracert to some IP you get high latency to. tends to be a good one because google has good connectivity with most ISP.
You might if you are very lucky see the hop where the latency gets very high but the actual goal is to get the ip addresses of the routers in the path to ping.

You then test other hops hoping to find the one where the problems begin. The big issue with this is the problem could be in another ISP or in the connection between your ISP and other ISP. Could be for example your ISP does not have access to the most direct undersea fiber path. This mostly applies for people connecting to international servers, which you high min ping makes me suspect.