Question Ping Spikes On New PC

Oct 6, 2021
I got a new laptop, and im having problems with my connection, i keep having ping spikes
the other devices are working great, wich leads me to problems in the network card
i am not able to get a ethernet connection and i am a little far from the router but the other laptop was at the same place with the same signal strenght but there weren´t ping spikes
network card : Realtek RTL88852AE WiFi 6 802.11ax PCIe Adapter
(i updated to windows 11 but the problem was active in windows 10)
Sounds like, "road bumps on a new car".
When it comes to networking, it takes the whole network "highway" between the conversing parties to be good and reliable in order to have smooth connectivity.
In addition, when it comes to wireless connectivity, the wireless part is like public transport, being used by many and everyone takes turns to take seats. If you want it smooth - wire it.... or kick everybody else from the "bus" which may include your neighbours across the street that use the same wireless channel...