Question ping spikes

If you are connecting to your network via wifi ping spikes are very common and can't really be fixed since most are caused by interfering wifi signals from outside your house.

If you are using a ethernet cable it depends where the spike is. You might find it with a tool called pathping but you may also have to run tracert and ping the nodes yourself. The only ones you can really fix are if there is some issue with the router or the connection to the ISP. Hop 1 and hop 2 in most tracert. Ping spikes far into the path could be in other ISP networks even. You can only really get something fixed in your house or in your ISP network.


Jan 29, 2008
Open your task manager and go to your network tab and see if you are having a traffic spike on your local machine. Or if your router supports it, check to see if your current data rate is spiking.

What you are likely experiencing is the "loaded ping" where the network is streaming lots of data, it takes longer for responses from pings to register.

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hello, i've been having ping spikes
This question is asked everyday, and the gist is this is perfectly NORMAL. Is like saying my heart rate goes up when I start exercising. Normal.

Pro athletes heart rate don't go up at much as regular Joe because they have more BANDWIDTH. So, what bandwidth you paid? and what else, who else, what they are doing on the network also affects you.

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