Ping Stuttering When a Certain Computer Is Connected to Wi-Fi


Mar 25, 2014
3 Months ago my internet was smooth as ice. No problems, and everyone was always able to connect and have 40-50 ping.
Since then it seems my connection has gotten worse and worse every few weeks. It started with my connection dropping packets about every 5 minutes making CS:GO unplayable. Then that completely stopped happening, and my ping started to stay constant at about 60 instead of 45. This was very playable but somehow not as smooth as 45ms ping. Then about 2 weeks ago my ping became a constant 150 all the time. Still playable with no stutter and just a high latency. I traced this to my brother watching youtube videos, and when he stopped watching my ping settled back at around 75. This still happens: I will be in the middle of a game and my ping starts to fluctuate between 60-400 very rapidly. This causes the game to be completely unplayable considering sometimes I lag into walls and cant move or just get frozen in place.
Aside from this long story I guess I'm asking why my bandwidth seems to be so much lower than it used to be?
This ping fluctuation only seems to appear when my brother macbook pro is connected to the internet because as soon as he goes to sleep the ping settles in at 75 and does not move.
This seems to happen sometimes with just one other person gets on no matter who it is now.
PC Specs: Radeon R9 270X
Intel Core i5-4690k
Internet Speed: Supposedly 15Mb Download/1Mb Upload


Jan 24, 2014
Computers are probably actively downloading updates or checking for updates. Disable Windows Update on ALL computers, and if you want to update any computer, do so at a later time. May e when everyone is asleep or so.

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