Question Ping to my server right next to me is too high

Apr 15, 2021
So I recently purchased a server in Dallas since that's where I live and I'd like to get the lowest ping possible, the IP is <<Removed by moderator>> if anyone is curious. It's running Ubuntu 20.04 and even though I'm right on top of it I get 35ms ping even though similar servers I get 3ms. Did I set something up wrong that the ping is too high, I did ask for the IP to be added to their AnyCast caching network but my other server with a2s never had high ping.
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It doesn't really matter where you live in relation to the server it matters the path your data takes to the server. Your ISP may not directly connect to the server companies ISP. It would be kinda like there is a toll road between your house and the server building. You are not willing to pay the fee so you take the back roads which take much longer.

Your ISP may not have negotiated a contract with one or more the ISP that the server company uses. Your traffic maybe going to say kanas city and back.

Run tracert and see if you can figure out how the traffic is flowing. There is nothing you can do about the path other than get a different ISP. Maybe a vpn would help all depends on if you can get good latency to the vpn data center and they have a better path to the server ISP.
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Agree with @bill001g.

However, I find myself always reminding family and friends that there are many things "going astray" as of late....

If something is not working then step back and take a look at the big picture....

For example; "getting to" the Dallas server may have originally used some algorithmic path through Southern states just ravaged by hurricane Ida.

So connectivity may now be via some roundabout path of lesser speeds and performance.

Bear in mind that that flow could get/be better or worse......

Continue running tracert as a routine SOP.

Very likely you will over time discover some pattern(s) and will be able to correlate performance and path.

Unfortunately it is unlikely that you will have little control over that path.