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Hi Sean,

Well I know you don't have the UnklJavazon up and running yet but I
just wanted to let you know that I got my own set ot Titan's now, so I
think I should send you back the set that you let me use.

I am very greatful for you letting me use them. They are sitting in a
safe place on a mule. Next time we run into each other I can pass them

Now that I am spending some time in Hell. please let me know if there
is a specific socketed armor you are looking for such as a 2 socket
hrbk for a Smoke or something.

Shields etc? Certain sword? You mentioned that you expect to have a
strength of about 180. I will keep this in mind. Hopefully I can
survive long enough to find some strong barb gear.

Orion Ryder


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Thanks, Orion.

Hang on to it for a bit, I am having trouble with the CD/ROM drive in
our comp, so I have not been able to play for a few days.