Pioneer DEH-X7800DAB - Dimension removal tool


I'm about to remove a car stereo from my old broken car. Only problem is I don't have the tool for removal of the car stereo. I do happen to have a similar tool for removal of older car stereos (works for players sold at early 2000's and earlier), but this is too wide and doesn't fit in the holes at the sides on this player.

Since I happens to have an angle grinder and also a saw blade I can sacrifice, I only need the dimension (width and thickness) of the tool, so I can make a rude variant just to get the player removed.

I'd be very thankful if any of you actually have the posibility to measure such a tool for me (I only need measurement of the part that actually goes into the side holes).

The car in question is an X-trail (T30), and after testing several such tools (was lucky and got to borrow from a workshop where I'm a regular) I concluded that no tools would fit.

Eventually I figured out how to disassemble the surrounding lid () - the bottle holder on the passenger side have a screw in the bottom, and by removing this screw, I was able to just pull the surrounding lid out. And there, there is a well () that can easily be removed by 4 screws.

Also, I figured the tool is not related to the player itself, but the well that is surrounding the player.

* may not be the correct term . . .