Dec 18, 2014
Hello everyone, I hope this is the right spot to ask.

But I'm looking to get a new phone, I currently have an Samsung 7e.
I do not like or want an iphone/apple product.

I mainly use my phone for communication apps such as Skype and Discord, and game apps such as Fate Grand Order (which is not optimized well, and I believe locked to 30hz?)
Other than that, YouTube videos and listening to music. I don't take pictures or videos of anything really.

The things I'm looking for in a phone;
  • Performance
  • Software updates
  • Nice Display
  • Comfortable to hold
What I am not looking for (or care for)
  • Camera
  • Video
  • Storage
  • Lack of a top or bottom bezel or "forehead"
I've been stuck between these two phones for about 2 weeks now. (considering leaks for pixel 4 XL vs actual Note 10/10+)

So far for me it seems the Pros
Pixel 4 XL:
  • Slightly Cheaper
  • 90 hz
  • Higher PPI
  • Faster software updates
  • Has Android 10
  • Looks nicer (for me personally)
Note 10+
  • Larger Screen
  • Overall better at everything but maybe still shot pictures?