Question Pixel shaking / flickering on gray / dark colors with AMD R9 380 ?


May 30, 2015
Hey there, I bought this msi r9 380 armor 2x 2GB card long time ago in 2015 and as I remember it always had this problem. But now I started thinking that this behaviour is not very good for eyes.

Pixels are flickering or shaking, not sure how to describe, especially seen on gray colors (vs code default dark theme is good example). Also this happens in BIOS so that is not the windows driver problem, but I did try to completely uninstall / install whql and the latest stable/beta drivers. I did record a video with my chinaphone, I'd like to ask for help, please watch the video, maybe some of you had this behaviour.

What did I try: changing hdmi cable, chaning to dvi/vga. to exclude the monitor (aoc 27b1h). I did connect a smart tv box to it and I don't see such flickering (with same hdmi cable).



Make and model of your PSU and it's age? Was the card used for mining in any capacity? The issue can't bee seen with much clarity on the video you've posted but with your description if the issue is seen in BIOS as well, then the issue is with the GPU, not the drivers. You could still try and see if the motherboard you have is pending any BIOS updates, to see if that irons out the issue. Speaking of BIOS, which BIOS version are you on at the time of writing?